The Louisiana Division of The International Association of Identification (LA-IAI) is representative of its members whom work for numerous departments throughout the State of Louisiana. Members of the LA-IAI, along with the officers, committees, subcommittees, staff, and corporate partners, all play a crucial role in the management and operation of the Association.

With this diverse membership come individuals from many different forensic disciplines. Our members range from beginning to experienced forensic practitioners. Many of our members are certified in their respective forensic field(s) and have received their certification from the International Association for Identification through a series of knowledge and practical application based examinations.

The LA-IAI screens all requests for membership against a set of required qualifications. Only those individuals who meet the minimum qualifications are offered a membership. The combined efforts and collective experience of these professional individuals substantiate the LA-IAI’s high standards, giving it excellent statewide recognition by courts and other law enforcement entities.

Membership in the IAI provides the following important benefits for forensic science and law enforcement professionals:

  • Public representation and serves as the focal point for public information concerning the forensic identification profession.
  • Annual State Educational Conference, presented at a different site each year.
  • Additional training and educational seminars offered throughout the year at many sites.
  • Promotes accuracy, precision, and specificity in the forensic identification sciences.
  • Membership qualifications ensure that only eligible individuals are admitted as members. Consequently, LA-IAI membership substantiates professional competency and is widely recognized by courts and other domains as a sign of distinction in the area of forensic science.
  • Authorized the use of the LA-IAI logo on professional documents such as letterheads and business cards.
  • Personal contact with the most up-to-date, talented forensic identification specialists in the state through conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • Information on the latest decisions and other late-breaking items posted regularly to the LA-IAI’s web site.
  • An annually updated Membership Directory.

As an LA-IAI member, you will also belong to the discipline section of your choice. Through membership in this section, you will have many unique opportunities to discuss prevailing forensic identification matters with your professional colleagues within the discipline. In addition, you will have ample opportunity through the State Educational Conference and numerous educational seminars to participate in processional programs with colleagues outside of your forensic specialty.

To qualify for Active Membership, an individual must be actively engaged as an examiner, analyst, practitioner or supervisor in the forensic sciences. Active members do not lose their status because of retirement or change of position, so long as they remain in good standing, and they may hold office.

Individuals not qualified for “Active Membership” may qualify for “Associate Membership.” That category includes those employed in some aspect of forensic science, vendors to the forensic sciences, and students, to name a few.

“Associate Members” have all the rights and privileges of an “Active Member” but cannot hold presidential or vice-presidential offices.

Membership Application

To apply for membership, send a request for a membership application form to the address below, or click below to
download a membership form.

This version is a blank membership application form which you can fill out and mail to the address on the bottom of the application.
Any questions please email to

Karly Ridgell, Secretary / Treasurer
LA Division IAI
376 E. Airport Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70806